What are the most expensive pets to insure?

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We can’t deny the fact that many of us gave a soft spot for out pets. We treat them as our best friend and, in many cases, as one of our family members. Some people like dogs, some cats or some even like monkeys!

So forget about going through how much it costs to ensure your cat or dog.  Lets look at some fun pets and how much they would cost to insure.

Here are some of the most expensive pets you can insure.

One is the Bengal Cat with an insurance price of £800 – £3000. This type of cat is considered to be the most hybrid breed among cats because bengal cat insuranceit’s a mix of a domestic shorthaired cat and an Asian Leopard cat. These types of cats have a characteristic of a typical domestic cat in spite of their exotic look from that of a Leopard cat. These cats were most expensive when they are on their third generation wherein the characteristics and appearance are well balanced.

A Snow Macaque is also one of the pets in the list. Its insurance price ranges to £3,500. Unfortunately this animal is considered to be an endangered species and because of it one should first have a license or permit to take care of this animal. Did you know that they are the only known animal to wash their food before actually eating it?

A Savannah Cat is a breed of cat that also belongs to the most expensive pets to be insured. What’s the reason behind this? Simply because unlike any other breed of cats they are often compared to dogs due to their personality, intelligence, assertiveness and loyalty. Savannah cats are a cross breed of domestic house cat and an African wild cat called Serval. Its insurance price ranges from £4000 up to £10000.

White Lion Cubs are also noted to be an expensive pet to insure. Its insurance price ranges to £138,000. They are unique because of the rare white-lion-cub-recessive gene they are exhibiting. This gene makes them look albino.

They are highly unique in the wild but because of captivity they are being bred. In today’s time many White Lion Cubs have health issues and some don’t grow white as they mature.

There are a lot more expensive pets like Squirrel monkeys, Chinese Crested Hairless puppies, English bulldogs, Mona Guenons, Chimpanzee’s and more.

No matter how expensive or cheap pets might be, people seem to be willing to pay the price.


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